Breaking and Reversing the Cycle of Poverty, Misery and Dependency


What a donation can purchase

$10 A fruit tree [mango, papaya, banana, avocado]
$20 Vaccinations for three children; or Doctor consultation with Malaria slide; or Chicken feed for one month
$30 Medical costs for our epileptic child per month; or a goat; or School uniform for one child; or Food in our home for one child for one month.
$40 Water and electricity for home for one month; or Tuition per month for houseparent to obtain diploma; or Internet connection for 3 months; or Tuition for one child for one trimester in elementary school.
$60 Tuition for one child for one trimester in secondary school; or cost of essential non-food items for 3 months [charcoal, laundry soap, wash soap, Vaseline…]; or End of year exam fees for 2 children in secondary school.
$100 Housing costs per month; or Purchase one bicycle for transportation, or clothing and shoe costs for 2 children.  NEW – Boarding School cost for one child for one month .
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